Ⅰ Letter from Mr. Belai Abbai, Minister of State, Head of Plan- ning Commission, to Mr. K.T. Li, Minister of Economic Affairs .Ref. No. 4237/3053/62 3 August, 1970Excellency,As you are well aware, the Government of the Republic of Chinahad made available eight veterinarians to the IEG, three of whomhave finished their contract already. Previously we had request-ed for the extension of the services of the above experts for 5years and your Government had agreed to a two-year extension.The IEG attaches great emphasis to the development of veterinaryprogramme as a means to improve the live-stock economy of the c-ountry. In connection with this programme the Chinese veterinarymission has shown satisfactory performances and rendered valuab-le services in carrying out research and related field works.However, since there is more veterinary research and operationalwork to be done in future, the continued services of these expe-rts is essential and therefore, we request an extension of theircontract for further duration of four years. We also would appr-eciate early recruitment of three experts in place of the oneswho have already returned home.Accept, Excellency, the assurance of my highest consideration. (Signed) Belai Abbai Minister of State Head of Planning Commission H.E. Mr. K.T. Li Minister of Economic Affairs Taipei, Taiwan Republic of ChinaⅡ Letter from Mr. sun Yun-suan, Minister of Economic Affairs, to Mr. Belai Abbai, Minister of State Head of Planning Commi- ssion. Excellency, Taipei, September 8, 1970 I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your letter of Au- gust 8, 1970 addressed to my predecessor, conveying your Go- vernment’s request for extending the period of service of the Chinese Veterinarian Mission in your country. My Government is happy to learn of the satisfactory performa- nces of the Chinese Veterinary Mission during the past years. In order to continue the technical cooperation between our t- wocountries, my Government agrees to the extension of the pe- riod of service of the Mission for another two years. However , owing to the shortage of veterinarians at home, only four of them will be available for the extended period of service. Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration. (Signed) Sun Yun-suan Minister of Economic Affairs Government of the Republic of China His excellency Belai Abbai Minister of State Head of Planning commission P.O. Box 1037, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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