ARTICLE 1OBJECT OF THE AGREEMENTIn accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of the UniversalPostal Convention (Hamburg. July 27th, 1984) the Postal Adminis-tration of TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA and EMS GARANTPOST of theRUSSIAN FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC herein after called the “Administra-tions" have concluded the present agreement and established exc-hange of the International Express Mail (EMS) items on the basisof reciprocity and on the terms specified hereunder.ARTICLE 2SERVICE DEFINITIONS1. The EMS service shall be the quickest postal service. It sha- ll provide acceptance, dispatch and delivery of the items in the shortest possible time mutually agreed by the Administra- tionsI2. The Agreement shall regulate exchange of the following EMS i- tems: – acceptance of EMS items on the basis of an agreement with the customers specifying the timetable Of posting, routes of conveyance, frequency, etc.; – acceptance of on-demand EMS items, i.e. without the previo- us arrangement and programmed frequency.3. The EMS service in TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA and in the RUSS- IAN FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC is offered to enterprises, offices, organizations, firms, foreign representations and private Pe- rsons .ARTICLE 3THE EMS NETWORKThe EMS service shall be offered in both directions between ofTAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA and the RUSSIAN FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC.Should the service be extended the Administrations shall informeach other of the names of the cities between which the serviceis to be Provided,ARTICLE 4ADMITTED ARTICLES1. In both directions it is permitted to send all items.2. The prohibitions laid down in the UPU Convention in force ap- plicable to EMS items likewise the import, export and transit restrictions published by the contracting parties in the list of the Prohibited Objects issued by the International Bureau of the UPU.ARTICLE 5WEIGHT AND SIZE LIMITS1. The weight of the item should not exceed 20 kg.2. The maximum weight of a bag containg EMS items should not ex- ceed 30 kg.3. The size of EMS items should not exceed 1.50 m for any one d- imension and 3 m for the sum of the length and the greatest circumference measured in the direction other than the lengt- h.ARTICLE 6FORWARDINGEMS items shall be sent by the most rapid prearranged means oftransport agreed by the Administrations, throughout the entireroute from the time of posting to delivery to the addressee.ARTICLE 7CHARGE SEach Administration shall fix and retain the charges collectionfor EMS items.ARTICLE 8CONPENSATION IN THE EVENT OF IMBALANCE IN EXCHANGE1. In the event one Administration receives from the other Admi- nistration greater number of EMS items that it sends itself, in shall be entitled to claim compensation for imbalance in exchange from the sending Administration.2. The Administrations shall set the imbalance rates per item a- ccording to the service costs. During the first year the rate of 9 SDR per item shall apply.3. The imbalance rate can be changed as follows : a) Each Administration can change the imbalance rate in acco- rdance with the operation costs; b) any change in the imbalance rate should be: – notified to the Administration at least 3 months in adv ance; – remain in force for at least one year.ARTICLE 9INTERNAL AIR CONVEYANCE DUESEach Administration which provides air conveyance of items with-in its country shall be entitled to reimbursement of internal a-ir conveyance dues at rates established in the provisions of theconvention which govern internal air conveyance dues.ARTICLE 10CUSTOMS CLEARANCECustoms clearance of EMS items shall be in accordance with thelegislation currently in force in the contracting countries ofthe origin of destination.ARTICLE 11LIABILITIESEach Administration shall be liable to their customers for lossdamage, theft or delay in delivery of EMS items.ARTICLE 12UNDEIJVERABLE ITEMSAn item refused by the addressee of an undeliverable item shallbe returned to the Administration of origin by the EMS. No comp-ensation rate shall be charged by the Administrations for returnof undeliverable EMS items.ARTICLE 13INQUIRIES1. Each Administration shall carry out investigations in respect to EMS items and shall reply within seven days.2. Inquiries shall be accepted only within a period of four mot- hs of the day following the date of posting.ARTICLE 14EMS ITEMS OR BAGS ARRIVING OUT OF COURSE TO BE REDIRECTEDEach Administration shall redirect and EMS items or bag to itsproper destination by the quickest routes. No compensation rateshall be charged by the Administrations for redirection of miss-ent items or bags.ARTICLE 15REPLIES TO REQUESTSEach Administration shall reply to requests of information in r-espect to EMS items in the shortest possible time. Replies shou-ld be sent by telex, fax, telegraph or EMS.ARTICLE 16MODIFICATIONS AND ADDITIONSThis Agreement and its Detailed Regulations may be modified orsupplemented by agreement of the contracting parties given in w-riting.ARTICLE 17SUSPENSION OF SERVICEWhere justified by extraordinary circumstances each Administrat-ion may suspend the EMS service entirely or temporarily. Each A-dministration shall immediately be informed of such suspensionsby telex, fax or telegraph.ARTICLE 18DETAILED REGULATIONSThe Detailed Regulations form an integral part of the Agreement.Modifications or additions may be introduced to them by mutualconsent.ARTICLE 19APPLICATION OF THE UNIVERSALPOSTAL CONVENTIONThe Universal Postal Convention and its Detailed Regulations sh-all be applicable, by analogy, in all cases not expressly gover-ned by the present Agreement and its Detailed Regulations.ARTICLE 20ENTRY INTO FORCE1. This Agreement shall enter into force on July 1, 1992. The A- greement shall cease to be in force one month after either p- arty notifies the other of the termination.2. The Agreement is done in duplicate in the English and the Ru- ssian languages with both texts being equally authentical.Done in Moscow on March, 1992.FOR THE EMS GARANTPOSTOF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATIVEREPUBLIC(Signed)G. KOLMOCOROVGENERAL DIRECTORFOR THE POSTAL ADMINISTRATIONOF TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA(Signed)Chieh-Kwei HsuDirector General JUN. 27, 1992

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