The Guidelines are herewith amended as follows :7 Initial Areas of Cooperation The following topics are being c- onsidered for initial cooperative activity : — Cancer –Cardiovascular Diseases –Stroke –Infectious Diseases –Environmental Health –Blood Banking –Animal Models –Biomedical Information Systems George K.C.Liu Director, Science Division Coordination Council for North American Affairs Date : Corporate Secretary American Inistitute in Taiwan Date : Attachment No. 1 to Amendment No. 1 Guidelines for a Cooperative Program in the Biomedical Sciences Between The American Institute in Taiwan and The Coordination Council for North American Affairs May 21, 19841 General Joseph B. Kyle Pursuant to Amendment No.l to the Guidelines an additional ar- ea of cooperative activity between the American Institute in Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as" AIT") and the Coordination Council for North American Affairs (hereinafter referred to as “CCNAA") has been established. This area is Biomedical In- for – mation Systems. AIT works with the NatiQnal Library of Medi- cine(hereinafter referred to as " NLM") of the National Insti- tutes of Health in administering the cooperative activity. CC- NAA performs a similar function in affiliation with the Scien- ce and Technology Information Center (hereinafter referred to as “STIC") of the National Science Council (hereinafter refer- red to as " NSC “)in Taiwan.2 Purpose of Cooperative Activity To exploit the NLM biomedical information system known as the Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System (hereinafter referred to as “MEDLARS “) for the benefit of health professionals.3 Range of Services a In addition to MEDLARS demand search service, the range of other services provided by STIC under this agreement may in- clude the selective dissemination of information to individ- uals or groups, the publication of selected literature sear- ches and recurring bibliographies provided that these do not duplicate existing publications derived from the system nor violate copyrights, the preparetion of critical reviews usi- ng material retrieved from the system and other applications which may subsequently be defined. b NLM agrees to the following : (1) Enter into a license agreement with STIC for access to NLM supported databases. (2) Provide one subscription to the NLM Technical Bulletin, t- raining in searching of the MEDLARS system at NLM, and li- mited consultation on the architectural design of the ELH- ILL retrieval system by the NLM computer staff. (3) Provide materials pertaining to the prometion of internat- ional MEDLARS Centers. (4) Provide photocopying service to STIC’s MEDLARS users for docurnents not available in Taiwan. c STIC agrees to the following : (1) Not to use NLM database tapes to distribute services unti- l the search capability of the software retrieval system is demonstrated to be equal to or better than the NLM ELH- ILL system. (2) Pay to NLM applicable charges for tape leasing and online services at the current U.S. dollar rate. (3) Provide NLM with online access to MEDLINE for the purpose of testing the STIC implementation of MEDLINE.4 Administration of the Cooperative Activity a NLM and STIC will designate a project officer who will be r- esponsible for administering the cooperative activity. The project officers will maintain complete and accurate recode of activities developed pursuant to the cooperative activity , including accountability for any and all funds expended. Such records will be made available to AIT and CCNAA upon d- emand. b STIC will be responsible for controlling the distribution a- nd use of MEDLARS information to end users. If questions ar- ise regarding the distribution and use of MEDLARS informati- on they should be referred by STIC to NLM. c STIC will participate in NLM evaluation studies, workshops, and international MEDLARS Policy Advisory Group (IMPAG) mee- tings with other international MEDLARS Centers. d STIC will notify NLM regarding details and plans for publis- hing bibliographies or other publications derived from MEDL- ARS. e STIC will acknowledge NLM cooperation and use of the MEDLARS system the in all products and publications derived from st- udy or use of the MEDLARS system. NLM may specify separate identification or qualifications when the products are expe- rimental or depart from existing MEDLARS procedures and out- puts. f NLM reserves the right to make changes to the MEDLARS system at any time, but it will give advance notification of these changes in writing to STIC.5 Training STIC. will provide all necessary personnel acceptable to NLM for any needed training in the MEDLARS system. Arrangements f- or refresher training for personnel will be agreed between ST- IC and NLM and, if possible, will be associated with regular training sessions.6 Exchange of Experience and Information a NLM will receive and review STIC progress reports on the de- velopment of the MEDLARS system in Taiwan, technical memora- nda on operating processes, copies of documentation of the system under development, newsletters and similar publicati- ons essential for effective evaluation of the system as a w- hole. b STIC will participate in system-wide evaluation studies with protocols developed on a mutually agreeable basis with NLM. It is understood that in any comparative testing of systems involving MEDLARS performance, NLM will participate in the design, operation and evaluation of the testing.7 Disclaimer of Warranties a Neither the AIT nor the NLM makes any warranty, express or implied, including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose; nor do AIT and NLM assume any legal liability or r- esponsibility for any party’s use, or the results of such u- se, of any information disclosed in an information product or service disseminated by AIT or NLM ; nor represents that the use of any such information product or service would not infringe privately owned rights. b Neither the CCNAA nor the STIC makes any warranty, express or implied, including any warranty of fitness for a particu- lar purpose; nor do CCNAA and STIC assume any legal liabili- ty or reponsibility for any party’s use, or the results of such use, of any information disclosed in an information pr- oduct or service disseminated by CCNAA or STIC; nor represe- nts that the use of any such information product or service would not infringe privately owned rights.8 Funding The funding of cooperative activities under Attachment No.l to Amendment No.l to the Guidelines shall be carried out on the basis of mutuality, reciprocity and flexibility. In general, each side will fund the cost of its participation in cooperat- ive activites and may, if it chooses, provide full or partial support for participation in these activities by personnel of the other side.Decisions on funding for joint activities will be made by mutual agreement.9 Duration This Attachmemt No.l to Amendment No.l to the Guidelines will become effective upon signature by duly authorized representa- tives of AIT and CCNAA and will remain in effect until termin- ated by one or the other party or by mutal agreement of both parties. In the event of termination for reasons other than b- reach of Attachment No.l to Amendment No.l of the Guidelines, such termination shall be effective not less than six (6) mon- ths following delivery of written notice to terminate by eith- er party. Any breach of Attachment No.l to Ammendment No.l of the Guidelines will be curable upon sixty (60) days written n- otice by AIT or CCNAA to the other party.10 Entirety of Agreement This document constitues an agreement between AIT and CCNAA in its entirety and may not be modified except by mutual wri- tten consent of the parties.11 Authorized Signatures This agreement is executed by the duly authorized representa- tives of AIT and CCNAA whose signatures are affixed below : American Institue in Taiwan [Signed] CORPORATE SECRETARY Date : April 20, 1989 Coordination Council for North American Affairs [Signed] j Director of Science Div. Date: April 20, 1989

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