The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Manila and the ManilaEconomic and Cultural Office in Taipei, hereinafter referred toas the Contracting Parties inspired by the mutual desire of str-engthening the traditional ties of friendship existing betweenthem, and recognizing the advantages to be derived by their res-pective peoples in promoting and developing scientific and tech-nological cooperation within the limits of their capacities, ha-ve agreed as follows:ARTICLE IThe Contracting Parties, in accordance with their respective la-ws, rules and regulations, shall promote and develop scientificand technological cooperation in fields of mutual interest to t-hem, based on the principles of equal rights and mutual advanta-ge.ARTICLE IIWithin the framework of this Agreement, scientific and technolo-gical cooperation shall include:1.Upon request, provision of services of professionals, experts and research workers in scientific and technological fields;2.Grant of fellowships for graduate and post graduate studies, training or study tours in scientific and technological fields ;3.Exchange of scientists, technologists, experts and research w- orkers in scientific and technological fields not prejudicial to public health, morals, order or security;4.Undertaking of joint special studies/researches in the scient- ific and technological fields;5.Exchange of scientific and technological information;6.Other forms of scientific and technological cooperation not p- rejudicial to public health, morals, order or security that m- ay be mutually agreed upon.ARTICLE IIITo implement the scientific and technological cooperation provi-ded for in Article II above, the Contracting Parties shall nego-tiate and conclude specific project arrangements or protocols inaccordance with the provisions of this Agreement.The specific project arrangement or protocols shall contain, am-ong others, detailed description of the activities to be jointlyundertaken, the manner in which the activities shall be carriedout, the contributions of the cooperating institutions, their r-ights, obligations and responsibilities and the financial condi-tions in undertaking the activities.ARTICLE IVThe scientists, technologists, experts, research workers, fello-ws and other persons exchanged under this Agreement shall obser-ve the laws and regulations in force in the country to which th-ey are sent.Each Party shall give the scientists, technologists, experts, r-esearch workers, fellows and other persons sent by the other Pa-rty under this Agreement the necessary assistance so that theymay accomplish their mission.The provisions of the present Agreement shall not limit the rig-ht of either Contracting Party to adopt or execute measures forreasons of public health, morals, order or security.ARTICLE VEach Contracting Party pledges not to convey to a third countryor citizens or organizations of a third country, without the wr-itten approval of the other Contracting Party, special scientif-ic and technological knowledge acquired in the course of the im-plementation of the present Agreement.The Contracting Parties shall become joint owners of whatever i-nventions, techniques, processes and other such beneficial resu-lts arising out of the activities under this Agreement. Subjectto mutual agreement, they may register them under their respect-ive copyright and patent laws.ARTICLE VIBoth Contracting Parties shall, upon the explicit request of ei-ther of them, consult each other on any matter relating to theimplementation of this Agreement.ARTICLE VIIFor the implementation of this Agreement, Taipei Economic and C-ultural Office shall be assisted by the National Science Councilwhile the Manila Economic and Cultural Office shall make repres-entations and coordinate with the Philippine Department of Scie-nce and Technology.ARTICLE VIIIThe present Agreement shall enter into force on the date of sig-nature. It shall be valid for a period of four (4) years and sh-all continue in force thereafter unless terminated by either Pa-rty through a six-month prior written notice.Joint projects which, at the expiration of this Agreement, havealready been commenced but have not been fully implemented, sha-ll be carried out to their completion in accordance with the sp-ecific project arrangements referred to in Article III.Done in Manila on 13 March 1997 in two original copies in the E-nglish language.FOR THE TAIPEI ECONOMIC FOR THE MANILA ECONOMICAND CULTURAL OFFICE AND CULTURAL OFFICE[Signed] [Signed]CHAN HSIEN CHING ARMANDO C. FERNANDEZRepresentative RepresentativeAttested by:[Signed] [Signed]CHAO-SHIUAN LIU WILLIAM G. PADOLINAChairman SecretaryNational Science Council Department of Science and Technology

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