The ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (hereinaf-ter refered to as the Party A) and the National Health Administ-ration of the Republic of China (hereinafter refered to as the Party B). recognizing the friendly relations existing between the two cou-ntries and their respective peoples,being desirous of developing medical cooperation, and implement-ing the arrangements of the Memorandum signed on the ninth of J-amad 1399 H corresponding to the sixth of April 1979 have agreedas follows: Ⅰ Subject 1 In view of the traditional intimate friendship and in the s- pirit of complete and mutual understanding, the Party B und- ertakes to delegate a mission of hospital personnel (herein- after called “the Mission") to support the operation of the two new hospitals at Jeddah and Hofufsuch services not to be extended to other hospitals and clinics except in emergenci- es under the “Five New Government General Hospitals Project" of the Kingdom. The recruited members of the Mission shall be well qualified and of fine character. 2 The Mission shall include, but not limited to, medical doct- ors (including short-term consultant), paramedical and main- tenance personnel. In addition, the administrative staff, m- edical assistants and other hospital personnel will be sent upon the request of Party A. 3 Notwithstanding the terms of the contracts signed between t- he members of the Mission and the Party A, either Party sha- ll have the right to replace any member of the Mission by m- utual agreement.Ⅱevaluation & recognition of qualification 1 Medical doctors a To be recognized as a specialist, the physician has to com- plete a residency in the special field in an approved teac- hing hospital for not less than 4 years. b the pay scale for the specialist will follow the of M.B.,B. S. +Ph.D. in medicine (Serial No. 4 “Pay Scale for Doctors and Dentists") c the pay scale for the nonspecialist will follow the of M.B. , B.S. (Serial No. 1 of “Pay scale for Doctors and Dentists “) d The residents who completed their four-years residency tra- ining programs at the hospitals of both countries should be promoted to be a specialist attending doctor depending on their convincing medical technical performance, consequent- ly, the payroll should be readjusted accordingly. 2 Para-medical personnel Their qualification will be recognized according to the cer- tification.Ⅲ Working hours 1 Seven hours a day for administrators plus two additional ho- urs as overtime, if needed: i.e. 07:30 A.M. to 13:30 P.M. 16:30 P.M. to 19:30 P.M. Saturday through Wednesday and from 07:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. on Thursday. 2 Nine hours a day for doctors: i.e. 07:30 A.M. to 13:30 P.M. 16:30 P.M. to 19:30 P.M. Saturday through Wednesday and from 07:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. on Thursday. 3 Working hours for the nurses and paramedical personnel shall be the same as those of administrators. 4 Working hours for nurses may be arranged in two shifts.Ⅳ Administrative expenses 1 The Party A shall provide the Party B with a lump sum of se- ven hundred thousand SR 700,000,00 every year at the beginn- ing each year as administrative expenses. 2 The Party A shall also pay the salaries of Mission leader a- nd 2 assistants appointed by the Party B for managing the a- ffairs of the Medical Cooperation Program and assisting the Party A to set up administrative system for each department. The salaries of the assistants shall be fixed according to the pay scale of paramedical personnel and the salary of th- e Mission Leader shall be negotiated on contract basis. 3 The salary and preparation allowance should be paid within two months and one week respectively after arrival of all m- embers. Otherwise, a special fund shall be allocated as a l- oan for temporary needs of the new members.Ⅴ Board and House 1 the Party A shall provide cooks and facilities for Chinese Cooking in the hospitals and dormitories for members of the Mission. 2 Cooked meals shall be offered to nurses thrice a day. 3 Cooked meals shall also be offered to paramedical personnel onduty as follows: a Lunch for those on dayduty. b Supper for those on duty in the evenings. c Breakfast for those on night duty.Ⅵ Termination of the program 1 This memorandum may be reviewed or amended every year if ei- ther of the two parties deems it necessary and by mutual ag- reement. 2 Either Party shall notify the other Party in writing of its desire to terminate the program. Such notice shall be given twelve months prior to the date of termination. 3 This memorandum is considered valid as from 1st December 198 0.(Signed) Chin-Mau Wang Director-General National Health Administration Republic of China (Signed) Hussein A, Gezairy Minister of Health Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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