The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and theGovernment of the Republic of Malawi (hereinafter referred to as"the Contracting Parties");BEING desirous to strengthen and consolidate the existingfriendly relations between the two countries; andWISHING to promote medical cooperation; HEREBY AGREE as follows:ARTICLE IThe Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), at the requestof the Government of the Republic of Malawi, agrees to dispatcha Medical Mission of ten to fifteen personnel (hereinafterreferred to as “the Mission") to serve in the Central Hospitalat Mzuzu City in the Republic of Malawi.The expertise of the Mission members shall be decided by theContracting Parties.ARTICLE IIThe purpose of the Mission is, under the close cooperation withthe medical personnel of the Central Hospital at Mzuzu City, toundertake therapeutic and preventive medical activities andoffering consultative medical service.The Mission shall not engage in matters relating to forensicmedicine.ARTICLE IIIThe Government of the Republic of Malawi agrees to provideexpenditures, medical personnel and administrative supportnecessary for the operation of the Central Hospital at MzuzuCity.ARTICLE IVThe Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) agrees to paytravel expenses for members of the Mission to and from theRepublic of Malawi, and their salaries, allowances, insurancefees and local transportation in the Republic of Malawi.ARTICLE VThe Government of the Republic of Malawi agrees to:provide members of the Mission, free of charge, furnishedhousing and offices in the compound of the Central Hospital atMzuzu City;exempt members of the Mission from taxes on their salaries andallowances earned from outside Malawi;exempt members of the Mission and their dependants from allimport tariffs, duties and other taxes on their personal andhousehold effects for a period of six months beginning fromtheir arrival in the Republic of Malawi. The members of theMission will also be exempted from export tariffs, duties andother taxes for personal effects shipped out of the Republic ofMalawi at the end of their service;exempt the Mission from all import tariffs, duties and othertaxes on the medicine, medical equipment, machinery and othermaterials required for the work of the Mission and facilitatecustoms clearance; andprovide adequate security to members of the Mission and grantthem the same courteous treatment as is accorded to thepersonnel of any third nation or of any internationalorganization serving in the field of technical cooperation inthe Republic of Malawi.ARTICLE VIThe Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) shall set up a"Taiwan Medical Scholarship" to sponsor eligible Malawianmedical doctors to receive specialist training in Taiwan or inthe African region.A Committee shall be formed to oversee the operations of thescholarship. The Committee will include one member each from theEmbassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Malawi, theMinistry of Health of the Republic of Malawi, and the MedicalCollege of Malawi. The Committee meeting, whether periodical ornot, will be convened by the Embassy of the Republic of China(Taiwan) in Malawi.The requirements of applicants, the number of specialisttrainees, and the amount of the annual medical scholarship willbe proposed by the Committee through the Embassy of the Republicof China (Taiwan) and shall be finally decided upon by theGovernment of the Republic of China (Taiwan) every year.Funding for the Taiwan Medical Scholarship shall come from theannual budget of the Protocol of Cooperation between theRepublic of China (Taiwan) and the Republic of Malawi.ARTICLE VIIThe Malawian trainees mentioned in Article VI shall be obligedto serve at the Central Hospital at Mzuzu City upon thecompletion of their specialist training. The period of theircompulsory service should be equal to the number of years of themedical scholarship the trainee has received. Should thetrainees, on their own accord, fail to return to and serve inthe Republic of Malawi, the Malawi Government will be obligatedto collect from the trainees an amount of money equal to thatspent on the scholarship so that the funds can be reimbursed tothe Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan).ARTICLE VIIIMembers of the Mission should be entitled to have the publicholidays stipulated by the Contracting Parties in addition totheir annual leave.ARTICLE IXThe Contracting Parties should handle matters not stipulated inthis Agreement or settle any dispute during the validity of thisAgreement by means of friendly consultation.ARTICLE XThe Agreement may be amended by mutual consent by theContracting Parties through the exchange of diplomatic notes.ARTICLE XIThis Agreement shall enter into force retrospectively on 1stJanuary 2005 and remain valid until 31st December 2009. ThisAgreement may be extended automatically for further successiveperiods of five years each unless one of the Contracting Partieshas denounced it in writing at least three months prior to theexpiration of the current period.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorizedthereto by their respective Governments, have signed thisAgreement.DONE in duplicate in Chinese and English, both texts beingequally authentic, at Taipei on this thirteenth day of the firstmonth of the ninety fourth year of the Republic of China(Taiwan), corresponding to the thirteenth day of January of theyear two thousand and five.For the Government of For the Government ofthe Republic of China (Taiwan) the Republic of MalawiTan Sun CHEN Ph.D. Dr. George CHAPONDAMinister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign AffairsRepublic of China(Taiwan) Republic of Malawi

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