2016’s not done with us yet

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
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By Doug Criss

1. Hillary Clinton

You thought just because it’s the spring of 2017 that the 2016 election was over? Bless your heart. No, Trump vs. Clinton rages on, and this battle royale hasn’t lost one bit of its bitterness or rancor. In her most extensive remarks since the election, Clinton blamed herself, that October letter from FBI Director James Comey and interference from Russia for her loss. She also said she believes misogyny played a role. She gleefully slammed President Trump, who — predictably — slammed her right back on Twitter. Clinton may never run for office again, but she definitely won’t be hiding out in the woods during the Trump years.

2. Russia investigation

Ex-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates will finally appear before a Senate committee next week, and she’ll pretty much say: I told you so. Sources say Yates, who will speak to a Senate Judiciary subcommittee, will testify that she gave a strong warning to the White House about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his troubling ties to Russia before he was fired. That directly contradicts the Trump administration’s version of events. Yates isn’t the only big figure up on Capitol Hill talking to panels about the Russia probe. FBI Director James Comey will speak this week with Senate and House committees about Russia, too.

3. Police shooting cases

Confusion reigns right now over the Alton Sterling investigation. Media reports are swirling that the Justice Department has decided not to prosecute the two white Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officers in last summer’s shooting death of the black man. Justice says no decision has been made yet. Sterling’s relatives are angry because they thought they would be told of any decision before it went public. Sterling was shot and killed by police outside a convenience store after a scuffle, leading to days of protests.

Meantime in South Carolina, a white ex-officer, Michael Slager, struck a plea deal in the shooting death of Walter Scott, who was black. He admitted using excessive force and faces life in prison.

4. School lunches

The Trump administration is easing up on Obama-era school lunch guidelines. The agriculture secretary signed a proclamation relaxing some standards — in place since 2012 — for whole grains, salt and milk. That means states can give waivers to schools having trouble meeting the standards. The guidelines were a big priority for former first lady Michelle Obama, who pushed to make sure kids got the most nutritious meals available. But the standards weren’t all that popular with a lot of people who run school cafeterias, who said the emphasis on more fruits and vegetables just meant more stuff ended up in the trash.

5. Joseph Kony

You remember Joseph Kony? You don’t? Don’t worry about it; most of us have forgotten about the brutal African warlord, too. But back in 2012, the whole world wanted to track him down after the documentary “Kony 2012″ came out. It detailed how he and his militia have killed thousands of civilians and abducted thousands of children during a decades-long insurgency in Uganda. The documentary was a YouTube sensation and prompted international outrage. The US even sent in a handful of troops to help search for him. But now the US is winding down its role in the hunt for Kony because his militia is a shadow of what it used to be.

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