Dispatch Politics: Veteran prosecutor Ron O’Brien still relishes time in court

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Thursday, May 04, 2017
Veteran prosecutor Ron O���Brien still relishes time in court
When residents and business owners became alarmed late last year by a rash of break-ins at homes and shops in Clintonville, some of them turned to a high-profile neighbor for help."People would stop me and ask, ‘What are you doing about these burglaries?'" said Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien.After he learned that two people had been arrested and charged with the crimes, he asked his office’s chief counsel, Nancy Moore, to assign him to the case. […]
Trump to get another Supreme Court pick? Rumors surround Justice Kennedy exit
WASHINGTON — As one justice settles into his new job at the Supreme Court, is another about to leave?Eighty-year-old Justice Anthony Kennedy is so far refusing to comment on speculation that he may soon retire after 29 years on the court.But that hasn’t stopped President Donald Trump and, obliquely, the Republican senator in charge of high court confirmation hearings from weighing in on the prospect that Kennedy could step down as soon as this spring or summer. If […]
Kent State anniversary: Documentary tells story of fatal 1970 protests
The Ohio National Guard opened fire on a group of unarmed student protesters at Kent State University On May 4, 1970, and a witness to events leading up to shootings that left four students dead has produced a film to tell the story of those who were there."The bus went past blanket hill," said Daniel Miller, who was among about 100 students who had been arrested and were being taken to court after the National Guard arrived in Kent to help put down anti-war protests. […]
Senators question balance of House budget as state revenues slide again
State tax revenues continued to tank in April, but it does not yet mean things are getting worse for state lawmakers who already know they have to fix an $800 million hole in the new two-year budget.Senators on Wednesday were skeptical of the House’s math, which determined the chamber took care of $632 million worth of that shortfall prior to passing the budget bill Tuesday."That $632 million, is it real?" asked Sen. Matt Dolan, R-Chagrin Falls.Well, […]
Lawmaker says mystery charter school amendment appeared without warning
A mystery amendment tucked into the House-passed state budget would let some online charter schools avoid having their poor academic scores drive down a sponsor’s performance rating.But even the representative who sponsored the amendment says he doesn’t know how or why controversial language was added to the proposal — one that appeared to be trying to benefit Ohio e-schools, including, potentially, ECOT. And the Senate already is eyeing how to kill it. […]
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