Weekly Online: Will Latest Net Neutrality Fight Match 2015’s Campaign?

ALSO: Netflix Streams More Debt as Investors Wait to See Payoff; ‘The White Princess’ Costumes, Pr…
May 04, 2017
Will Latest Net Neutrality Fight Match 2015’s Campaign?
After public interest groups weighed in on FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s plans last week to roll back the agency’s net neutrality framework, Pai himself took aim at one of them. He accused one of the co-founders of the organization Free Press of having a socialist agenda. That gives you a sense of the tone of the battle ahead on an issue that’s being framed as holding America’s economic future, the open internet and free speech at stake. Capitol Hill l…

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Netflix Streams More Debt as Investors Wait to See Payoff

Netflix is again going deeper into hock. In the streaming service’s latest move to cover its massive global content costs, Netflix this week closed $1.4 billion in new debt financing, adding to its $3.37 billion in existing long-term obligations. It’s the third time in a little more than two …

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‘The White Princess’ Costumes, Production Design Capture Look of Historical Courts

The paranoia and instability of the court of Henry VII of England drive the look of Starz’s limited series “The White Princess." And while Henry Tudor’s marriage to Elizabeth of York (the titular “White Princess") ended the War of the Roses, the era’s politics remained fraught with intrigue. …

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‘The Americans’ Actress Holly Taylor on Realizing Her Dream ‘For Paige to Kick Butt’

Holly Taylor doesn’t portray the average 16-year-old girl in “The Americans." As Paige Jennings, the daughter of two KGB spies, she must come to terms with her lineage. The fifth season of the FX series finds her getting more involved in the action, and one step closer to choosing her own fut …

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