RCS Today for 05/21/2017

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In the End, Will Brady Retire or Be Forced Out?

Gary Myers, New York Daily News

Cavs’ Rout Makes It Clear NBA Playoffs a Joke

Sean Deveney, Sporting News

Lakers Should Know Lonzo Won’t Live Up to Hype

Andrew Sharp, Sports Illustrated

Blind Shots, Uneven Lies, Scary Bunkers in Store at Erin Hills

Jeff Ritter, Golf.com

‘Decrepit’ Pimlico Could Lose Preakness

Tim Sullivan, Louisville Courier-Journal

Cloud Computing Outruns Always Dreaming at Preakness

Steve Almasy, CNN

Game-Changer Darvish Top Great Player Ripe for Trade

Dieter Kurtenbach, Fox Sports

Plunking Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

Scott Davis, Business Insider

NHL Failed By Not Banning Getzlaf

Hemal Jhaveri, For the Win

NFL’s Biggest QB Competition Is in Denver

Albert Breer, MMQB

TE Key to Giants Success and Kaep to Seattle Makes Sense

Bucky Brooks, NFL.com

LeBron No Longer Has to Go It Alone

Adam Fromal, Bleacher Report

Cuban Mocks NBA, But What Will League Do About That?

Ray Ratto, CSN Bay Area

Wooden’s Hokey ‘Homespun’ Creed May Be a Ripoff

Paul Putz, Slate

NFL Swapping Safety for Ties?

Michael Tunison, Sports on Earth

Wide Receiver Takes Big Step in GM Dream

Kalyn Kahler, MMQB

Cleveland Using Boston to Send Golden State a Message

Andrew Lynch, Fox Sports

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