The Takeaway, 5-22-17: Sizing Up the 2018 Gubernatorial Map

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The Takeaway: Polls and Insights 

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Daily Data Point: Sizing Up the 2018 Gubernatorial Map 
by David Byler  Over the past few weeks, we’ve established that the 2018 Senate map is worrisome for Democrats, but what about the gubernatorial map? An enormous number of the country’s laws are made at the state level and, perhaps more significantly, many of the governors elected in 2018 will have a say in the next round of congressional redistricting. That gives Democrats, who have a low level of power in the states and sometimes assert that gerrymandering is at the heart of their minority status in the House, a big incentive to invest in these races. And right now, many on the left seem optimistic about their prospects. A number of Republican governors in key states are retiring or will be termed-out, and some GOP incumbents are defending swing or blue states. Democrats are only defending a few seats, none of which are in truly red states. Moreover, Democrats are hoping that national conditions will be favorable in November 2018, allowing them to regain states Republicans won in 2010 and 2014. While it’s too early to know exactly what the conditions will look like next year or how these elections will turn out, it’s possible to dig deeper into the data and get a better idea of exactly how promising this map is for Democrats.

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Daily Polls

 Direction of Country 
According to Rasmussen Reports:

 Presidential Approval 
According to Gallup:

  • 37% of Americans approve of President Trump’s job performance, while
  • 56% disapprove

According to Rasmussen Reports:

  • 44% of likely voters approve of President Trump’s job performance, while
  • 56% disapprove
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