[video] Created for the Impossible!

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FREE Feature Moment Created for the Impossible video teaching series

Krissy Nelson offers powerful insight and encouragement from Scripture.
In this FREE feature moment from Created for the Impossible video teaching series, Krissy Nelson proclaims the wonderful truth that God knows you, loves you, listens to you, and has fashioned you to accomplish something amazing!

God is daring you to dream again!
In the Created for the Impossible Video Teaching Series, Krissy Nelson draws from her history of powerful God-encounters and shares relevant Biblical accounts. These are not mere stories-they are invitations for you to start hearing words of hope spoken straight from Heaven over you.

God is daring you to dream again! If you only accomplish what seems possible to you then you will never cross the threshold into the impossible things God specializes in!

7 Powerful Video Teaching Sessions

In this inspiring digital video course, you will learn to:
  • Identify thoughts of fear, unbelief, and shame so you can quickly shut down the attacks of the enemy
  • Exchange wrong thoughts for what God says about you and learn how to let His promises supernaturally adjust your thinking
  • Watch as your beliefs about God, your identity, and your calling agree with what God says
Start believing and embrace the miraculous life God has for you!

Get it today for just $19.99.

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Maybe you’ve heard it a million times: “God has an amazing plan for you…"

While this is true, there is a major hindrance that keeps Christ-followers from believing it and walking in the miraculous power that God has made available: the thoughts they agree with.

In Created for the Impossible, Krissy Nelson draws from her history of powerful God-encounters and shares relevant Biblical accounts, empowering you to 
embrace the miraculous life God has for you!

Krissy Nelson | The Voice of Destiny with Larry Sparks
You were created for the impossible! Discover the powerful word Holy Spirit is speaking right now in this hour of outpouring with Krissy Nelson!



Created for the Impossible – Sunday Night Teaching | Krissy Nelson
Krissy Nelson, author of Created for the Impossible, teaches on what it means to chase after the promises of God.

Promises | Dawna De Silva
Dawna De Silva, co-author of  SOZO, teaches on prayer and the power of reminding God of His promises. 

This Week’s Broadcast Preview

Steve Hannett
Steve Hannett says your breakthrough, your healing, your miracle is just a breath away. Steve says that ANY believer in Jesus can be healed of ANYTHING if you get connected with heaven! And he wants to connect you.

Jerame Nelson
Jerame Nelson has learned how to partner with angels for creative miracles and he says any true believer can learn how. That applies to EVERY promise you can find in your Bible, and Jerame gives you the keys!

Ana Werner
Ana Werner says the veil between heaven and earth is getting thinner. It’s why we hear of many people having visitations to and from Heaven. Ana’s taught many people how to look into the invisible world – seeing angels! What about you?

Guillermo Maldonado
Something new is happening. Guillermo Maldonado has moved in miracles for years, but he just returned from Argentina, where in a matter of minutes he saw 60 people get creative miracles, even new organs. And he says it’s transferable.

Kevin Zadai
During surgery Kevin Zadai found himself on the other side of the veil watching the doctor trying to revive his lifeless body. Jesus appeared to him in the operating room and revealed that every person who knows the Lord has a God package inside of them! What has God given you?

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