RealClearPolitics Today for 05/24/2017

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President Trump’s Budget Doesn’t Make Sense

Maya MacGuineas, New York Times

Trump’s Budget Draws Comparisons to Reagan

James Antle, Washington Examiner

The ‘Deep State’ & Media Are Winning Against Trump

Lawrence Martin, Globe & Mail

Regime Change by Any Other Name?

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review Online

Don’t Let Murderers Suppress Our Common Humanity

George Monbiot, The Guardian

Sorry, But Terrrorism Is Not a ‘Fact of Life’

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Trump Bumbles Across the Middle East

Dana Milbank, Washington Post

On Tour Abroad, Trump Does What Obama Should Have

Timothy Stanley, CNN

The Senate’s Challenge in Trump’s Washington

Joseph Rago, Wall Street Journal

Democrats Need to Talk to the Middle Class

Tim Kaine, USA Today

Obama’s NSA Secretly Conducted Illegal Searches for Years

Solomon & Carter, Circa

When Your Little Girl Is ISIS’s Target

Michael Daly, The Daily Beast

‘We Didn’t Start This War, But We Should End It’

Dana Loesch, The Blaze

How Roger Moore Saved James Bond

Isaac Chotiner, Slate

When Terrorists Target Children

New York Times

President Trump’s Vision of Peace

Jerusalem Post

A Slash-and-Burn Budget

New York Daily News

The Truth About Trump’s ‘Savage’ Cuts

New York Post

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