RealClearPolitics Today for 05/25/2017

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RCP Front Page:

Donald Trump Discovers Muslims

Roger Cohen, New York Times

Trump Tells Muslim World to Stop Enabling Terrorism

Megan Oprea, The Federalist

From 9/11 to Manchester

Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

Somebody Tell Trump–Russia Is Still an Adversary

Michael Daly, The Daily Beast

America’s New, Reality-Based Foreign Policy

Newt Gingrich, Washington Post

Trump Can’t Add Things Up

Gail Collins, New York Times

Obama’s Failure to Grow Economy Doesn’t Mean It’s Impossible

Stephen Moore, IBD

Mick Mulvaney’s Compassion–Not for the Needy

Patricia Murphy, Roll Call

Comey Affair Will Be a Decisive Victory for Trump

Conrad Black, American Greatness

2018 Is Beginning to Look Like a Very Good Year for Democrats

Chris Cillizza, CNN

California’s Looming Health Care Disaster

Edward Morrissey, The Week

A Road Trip Through Rusting and Rising America

Thomas Friedman, New York Times

Can Trump Make America Grow Again? The Signs Are Hopeful

Andy Puzder, WSJ

Obama Administration’s Spying on Americans

James Rosen, FOX News

Trump’s EPA Is Set to Break a Major Promise

Emily Atkin, The New Republic

Send the Paris Climate Deal to Die in the Senate

Christopher Horner, DC Examiner

Trump’s Budget Requires and Should Produce Optimism

Washington Examiner

Republican Health Care Bill Indicted, Again

USA Today

The CBO Is Often Wrong But Never More Modest

Wall Street Journal

Donald Trump Meets Pope Francis

The Economist

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