Home Based Agent: Facebook Live and ‘push marketing’

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May 1, 2017
Facebook Live and ‘push marketing’
Facebook has proven to be a valuable marketing and advertising tool for agents. Now, one of its newer features, Facebook Live, a video streaming service, is growing in popularity in the agent community, too.
Agencies incorporate more interactive training
The travel industry is actively responding to the changing needs of adult learners by offering training modules that are increasingly interactive in nature, whether in format or through elements such as polls and quizzes within the modules.
United curtails involuntary removals, reduces overbookings
The changes are among the eight that the airline announced as it completed its review of the April 9 removal of passenger David Dao from United Express flight 3411 between Chicago O’Hare and Louisville.
Compass service gives Andavo Travel agents an assist with social media
According to the host agency, the product is “a complete solution for travel advisers who know they should be participating in the world of social media but don’t know how to begin, and don’t have the time or desire to figure it out."
AAA survey shows interest in culinary travel growing
Four out of five respondents said they have participated in food-related activities while traveling, such as touring a winery or taking cooking classes.
Which door: Agent, consultant or adviser?
Any serious analysis of the growth of our industry, or our potential for growth, is hampered by the fact that we all call ourselves something different.
Airlines, not agencies, liable for contract of carriage breach
Q: Are airlines allowed to forcibly remove seated passengers? If so, could my agency be liable for failure to warn clients that this could happen to them? Could we be held liable for not giving the client a copy of the airline’s contract of carriage?
New Orleans overnights, $79
The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau offers discounted hotel rates on overnight stays between June and August.
All-inclusive resorts are introducing an ever-expanding range of properties, strategies and amenities for travelers seeking personalized vacation experiences. Increasingly specific traveler needs, coupled with experiential innovation from the all-inclusive market, creates a valuable opportunity for agents to craft custom travel that satisfies clients and drives repeat business. Sponsored by Barceló Hotel Group.
Sojern Data Points: Why travel hasn’t solved its mobile problem
By Kurt Weinsheimer
Travel marketers need to create friction-free experiences on their mobile apps. This year has been hailed as the year when mobile “grows up."
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