Afternoon Alert: University of Iowa student from Arlington Heights dies at fraternity event

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University of Iowa student from Arlington Heights dies at fraternity event

Kamil Jackowski, a 19-year-old college student from Arlington Heights, died over the weekend while attending a fraternity event in Missouri, authorities said Monday. Full Story

Police: Woman airlifted from 6-vehicle crash in Aurora

VIDEO: Aurora police continue to investigate a six-vehicle crash that injured four people — two critically — at 6:43 a.m. Monday at Butterfield Road and DuPage Parkway. Full Story

American Eagle plane makes emergency landing at DuPage Airport

An American Eagle plane made an emergency landing at DuPage Airport after reporting smoke in the cockpit. Full Story

Round Lake residents take pollution complaints to Baxter stockholders

Neighbors and property owners around Long Lake in Round Lake are taking their long-standing dispute against Baxter to its stockholders on Tuesday. They plan to picket outside the corporate campus where the stockholders plan their annual meeting. Full Story

Chicago Bears’ 2017 NFL draft haul gets low grades from experts

You may think it is unfair to make snap judgments this early, but that has never, and will never, stop NFL pundits from handing out their draft grades based on how teams spent their draft capital. Full Story

Elgin man hopes to attract brewery interest in his hops project

Robert Denwood of Elgin launched his "Elgin Hops Project" in March to show that one can grow great crops with methods that are natural, cheap and easy. Full Story

Feder: Is Fox reporter going too far on social media?

Feder: Under pressure from their bosses to boost social media traffic, reporters at Fox-owned WFLD-Channel 32 may be going too far. Full Story

Lake County man charged in fatal hit and run

A 25-year-old Lake County man is facing numerous criminal charges stemming from allegations he struck two pedestrians with his vehicle early Saturday, killing one, then fled the scene. Full Story

Can new Kildeer mall succeed as others struggle?

At a time when retail store closings seem to be the norm and others are struggling to survive, the developer of the newly opened Kildeer Village Square mall thinks it can buck the trend. Full Story

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