Large Health System achieves true interoperability across 36 disparate EMRs, plus 5-step successful patient outreach

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Hospital Leaders Solutions Showcase


Create a Successful Patient Follow-Up Program

In this guide, uncover the five steps your organization should take to create a successful patient outreach program designed to significantly reduce readmission rates and improve the patient experience.

Click here to download the eBook and see how an effective patient outreach program can help your organization achieve its goals.

  Jiva™ HIE Solution from ZeOmega® Enables Large Health System to Connect 36 Disparate EMRs

Download this case study to learn how a large health system implemented ZeOmega’s® Jiva™ HIE to connect 36 different EMR systems and achieve true interoperability. Rather than “ripping and replacing" its disparate systems, the health system chose Jiva HIE to connect its existing assets with a more affordable interoperability solution. The organization has experienced:

  • Streamlined workflows for faster, more accurate, and efficient clinical decisions.
  • Increased patient engagement through integration with its existing patient portal.
  • Reduced readmissions for increased regulatory compliance.

Download this case study today to learn how Jiva HIE can bring true interoperability to your organization.

eBook | Managing Purchasing and Accounts in a Changing Provider Landscape

As providers continue to invest in new revenue opportunities, such as “microhospitals" and mergers, new challenges are presented. Download this eBook to learn about best practices, and review case studies for managing today’s complex supply chain and accounts payable processes.

Whitepaper | 5 Supply Chain Leader Traits and Why You Need Them to Survive in Today’s Evolving Healthcare Landscape

Industry trends like personalized medicine and healthcare consumerism are changing how care is delivered and received, which will continue challenging the healthcare supply chain. Download this Whitepaper to learn five traits that supply chain professionals must develop in order to succeed


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