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How many of Chicago Bulls’ young players will be back next year?
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How many of Chicago Bulls’ young players will be back next year?

The Bulls invested in their young players this season and dividends were mostly flat. So what’s next step for these Bulls? Mike McGraw has the roster rundown.


No easy answers for Chicago Bulls in free agency

Whether Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo stay or go, the Chicago Bulls will have an opportunity to improve their roster in free agency this summer. It won’t be easy, though, in the area of spiraling salaries.



Portis reveals he played through unusual foot injury

Several Bulls spoke to reporters Saturday after their end of season interviews with coaches and management. Bobby Portis revealed an unusual injury he tried to keep under wraps late in the season.


Wade on future: ‘I’m not a predictable person’

Wrapping up his first season with the Bulls, Dwyane Wade had a long conversation with reporters Saturday where he talked about his future, along with Fred Hoiberg, Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo.



Bulls’ season ends with a thud in blowout Game 6 loss

The Bulls got off to a rough start in Friday’s Game 6 vs. Boston and never recovered. The Bulls lost their fourth straight 105-83 and dropped the series 4-2.


Hoiberg says he loves everything about coaching Rondo

Asked about Rajon Rondo’s future with the Bulls, coach Fred Hoiberg gave a very distinct opinion after Friday’s Game 6 loss to Boston. Hoiberg said he loves coaching Rondo, who has a team option for next season.



Rozner: Bulls surrender, go quietly into the night

The Bulls quit Friday night in a fitting conclusion to a bizarre season.


Chicago Bulls turn to Morrow as Boston series turns

The Chicago Bulls ever-changing rotation included veteran shooting guard Anthony Morrow during Game 5. Facing a must-win situation on Friday, will the Bulls rely on his experience again?


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