5 ways to prevent and treat stomach bloating

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Got gas? 5 ways to prevent and treat stomach bloating
Do you feel like you have an inflated balloon in your stomach? Here’s how to beat the dreaded bloat.
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5 surprising things that can make your sunburn worse
Because May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, dermatologist Dr. Debra Wattenberg visits TODAY with important tips.
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Drop 10 TODAY check in: Joy Bauer will help you love veggies
Following the Drop 10 TODAY plan, but already feeling bored of crunching on veggies all day? You’re not alone.
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What’s hiding in your medicine cabinet?
NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar stopped by TODAY to highlight how to clean out your medicine cabinet.
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Feeling insecure? Try these 7 ways to feel better
Worried you’re not thin, smart, wealthy, happy or good enough? Try these seven tips to feel less insecure.
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Little girl shows off new pink prosthetic leg, gets adorable reaction from friends
A 7-year-old British girl named Anu got a big reaction from classmates when she showed off her new pink prosthetic leg at school.
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After reading about a mom’s inoperable brain tumor, surgeon offers new hope
After learning she had an aggressive brain tumor, Stephanie felt frustrated until a doctor reached out to her and said he could help.
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Join TODAY’s Summer Shape-Up Challenge!
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Comedian Jim Gaffigan reveals his wife had surgery for brain tumor
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One family’s journey through a mental health crisis
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