Throw the perfect Kentucky Derby party

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From mint juleps to Hot Browns: Throw the perfect Kentucky Derby party
It’s called “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports," so make sure your Derby soiree matches that excitement!
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Get your Cinco de Mayo party started with these easy recipes and drinks
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Enjoy the Mexican holiday with these mouthwatering recipes for guacamole, tacos, margaritas and more!
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These caffeinated bagels let you have your coffee and eat it too
The Espresso Buzz Bagel is perfect for when you’re on the run in the morning. Find out where to get them!
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Drop 10 TODAY check in: Joy Bauer will help you love veggies
Following the Drop 10 TODAY plan, but already feeling bored of crunching on veggies all day? You’re not alone.
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See how to make the perfect margarita every time
Here are our top tips for how to make a perfect margarita every time, plus our go-to margarita recipe that’s always a crowd-pleaser.
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Liam Neeson ‘Taken’ in by sandwich shop sign offering free lunch
Apparently Liam Neeson is a sucker for free food. A sandwich shop scored a visit from the ‘Taken’ actor via sandwich board.
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Have a great recipe? Enter TODAY’s Ultimate Cook-Off Contest
Are you the master of the kitchen? Have a delicious recipe you love to cook? Send it to us and you could win a chance to cook in our studio.
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Kentucky Derby party ideas: Mint julep, bourbon meatballs, red rose cupcakes
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Move over unicorns! Meet the new Starbucks Mermaid Frappuccino
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25 amazing ‘Star Wars’ gifts for kids (and kids at heart)
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