Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell get stars on the Walk of Fame — sealed with a kiss

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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell get stars on the Walk of Fame – sealed with a kiss
They’ve been partners for 34 years and they’ll be remembered forever that way with dual stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
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Ellen DeGeneres tells Matt Lauer why President Trump won’t be appearing on her show
The beloved daytime host tells TODAY that President Donald Trump won’t be appearing on her talk show anytime soon.
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Caroline Kennedy and son Jack Schlossberg talk JFK’s legacy — and their political futures
Former President John F. Kennedy’s only grandson said he would support his mother in a run for political office — and described his own political future as wide open.
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Watch Kristen Bell help this high school student pull off the ultimate ‘Frozen’ promposal
The star of “Frozen" used her hosting spot on “Jimmy Kimmel Live" to send two teens on a scavenger hunt that culminated in them finding each other.
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‘Modern Family’s’ Ariel Winter defends wearing glam minidress to casual event
When the cast of “Modern Family" gathered for a panel discussion on Wednesday, it wasn’t prime-time plotlines that had people talking.
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When Vale plays hairdresser, Savannah Guthrie turns to fellow parents for help
Even TODAY anchors have to enroll in crash courses in home remedies when their curious kids decide to play hairdresser.
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Deaf grandmother sweetly teaches deaf granddaughter sign language
Baby Aria is 9-weeks-old and learning sign language like a pro from her grandmother. Although Aria and her grandmother live far away from each other, their time together is very special.
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‘Game of Thrones’ could have up to 4 spinoffs, HBO says
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Michael Phelps shared the sweetest pic to celebrate son Boomer’s birthday
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Delta apologizes for kicking family off flight, threatening them with jail
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