Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with traditional shrimp, bean and guac-topped tortillas

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Shrimp Memelas with Salsa, Refried Beans and Guacamole
Start your Cinco de Mayo party off right with traditional Mexican shrimp, guac and bean topped tortillas aka memelas.
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The best way to keep guacamole green, revealed
We tested out six methods for how to keep guacamole green so your dip will always be party-perfect
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Mother’s Day brunch for a crowd: Avocado toast bar and lox & bagel egg casserole
Siri Daly and her mom make bagel and lox breakfast casserole, strawberry-rhubarb crisp and a DIY avocado toast bar for Mother’s Day.
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14 easy, irresistible dinner recipes for the perfect Sunday supper at home
Beat the Sunday night blues with these easy dinner ideas. Here are 14 recipes for a perfect Sunday night supper, plus lots of leftovers!
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Try your best not to get hypnotized by this unicorn bagel from Bagels & Brew
The rainbow bagels from Bagels & Brew are mixed, stretched, layered, sliced, twisted, rolled, boiled and baked until shiny.
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Get your drink on for Cinco de Mayo with a DIY Mexican-inspired cocktail bar
Set up a DIY drinks bar for your guests this Cinco de Mayo and let them stir up micheladas, palomas, tequila-spiked sangria and more.
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Celine Dion ended her evening at the Met Gala exactly the same way we would
Here’s one more reason to love Celine Dion
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9 steps to a healthy food cleanse
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Try these Cinco de Mayo margaritas: strawberry, mango and a skinny margarita
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