Your Daily Horoscope — May 6, 2017

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Today’s Birthday Horoscope:
May 06, 2017
Born today, you are a passionate and motivated individual, one for whom dedication is a way of life, and forward motion essential to your very survival, both personally and professionally. You are always on the move, making plans and putting them into play, involving others, gathering teams, winning over allies and supporters. You have what it takes to succeed in business, yet you would never be “just" a businessperson; your deep commitment to others prevents you from seeing things merely in terms of dollars and cents. You may get a slow start, and indeed you may change course a few times as you make your way, but eventually you’re almost guaranteed to take the stage in a leading role, guiding projects, shaping hearts and minds, and really making a difference in the world.
Despite your ability to work so well with others, you can be rather private — even timid — at times. Your privacy is something you will always protect. Despite the fact that you share so much of yourself with the world around you, there are things you will always keep to yourself and reveal only to those closest to you.

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Also Born Today
Also born on this date are: George Clooney, actor and filmmaker; Tom Bergeron, television host; Sigmund Freud, psychoanalyst; Willie Mays, baseball player; Bob Seger, singer; Tony Blair, British prime minister; Gabourey Sidibe, actress; Orson Welles, actor and filmmaker; Robert E. Peary, explorer; Rudolph Valentino, actor; Stewart Granger, actor; John Flansburgh, singer-songwriter.
March 21 – April 19

You’re likely to discover that a situation you had credited to someone else is actually your doing — and therefore only you can undo it!

April 20 – May 20

You may receive news that isn’t at all in line with your expectations, but you will come up with the perfect way to respond.

May 21 – June 21

Your work is likely to be harder than you anticipated, in a way that is not the norm. Enlist a friend to help you devise a plan.

June 22 – July 22

You are qualified for the duties that are likely to fall to you, but that says nothing about your willingness or attitude.

July 23 – Aug 22

Be sure to give yourself the rest you need in order to tackle a difficult project with energy and enthusiasm. Don’t burn the candle at both ends!

Aug 23 – Sept 22

While trying to keep others calm and focused, you may snap temporarily. After you are back on track, you’ll want to offer apologies.

Sept 23 – Oct 22

You may behave quite strangely in the wake of a development that no one was able to anticipate. What’s really going on beneath the surface?

Oct 23 – Nov 21

Others are likely to be drawn to you — not because you are giving them what they want, but, oddly enough, because you are not!

Nov 22 – Dec 21

Devising the best way to get from here to there and back again may take up a great deal of thought, energy and time.

Dec 22 – Jan 19

You may be called upon to come up with just the right idea at the right moment, without any preparation at all. You can do it!

Jan 20 – Feb 18

You’re going to want to be honest with a friend or loved one who comes to you with a problem, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help solve it.

Feb 19 – March 20

It’s only a matter of time before you stumble upon the solution to a conundrum you’ve been mulling over for some time. Is today the day?

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