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May 7, 2017

The road to natural, day 1: Finding a place for farmers in the nutrition industry

Nutrition Business Journal Editor-in-Chief Rick Polito and aronia berry farmer Andrew Pittz set off on a journey from Boulder, Colorado, to Anaheim, California, visiting farms and interviewing industry leaders and politicians along the way to explore the connection between American agriculture and the dietary supplement and functional food industries. This is part one of five. Read the rest here.

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People and Company Profiles
Twinlab turnaround: CEO Naomi Whittel on her first year in the executive suite

A year after taking on the CEO post at Twinlab, Naomi Whittel says bringing back a focus on the brand has been key to returning one of the supplement industry’s biggest companies to a positive track.

Whittel took the reins at Twinlab Consolidated Holdings in March of 2016, replacing Tom Tolworthy just months after Twinlab acquired her company, Organic Holdings, distributor of Reserveage. The acquisition came during a tumultuous and complicated period of financial restructuring at the larger company.

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Vitamins and Supplements
What’s your desert island supplement?

What supplement or ingredient would you take with you if you had just one supplement to get you through? Industry insiders share.

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