9 steps to a healthy food cleanse

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9 steps to a healthy food cleanse
It’s all about eating whole, nutritious, cleansing foods — not depriving yourself!
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Oh fudge! Swearing during a workout may actually make you stronger
If you’ve got a task that takes strength, snarling a few expletives may give you a boost of power.
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A dimpled breast photo may have saved her life – so she had to share her own
After learning about a sign of breast cancer through a Facebook photo, a woman posted a photo of her own dimpled breast to raise awareness.
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Cotton swabs are sending thousands of kids to the ER
Feel the need to clean your child’s ears? Step away from that cotton swab.
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That time of the month? 12 weird things to be aware of
You may only think about your monthly cycle a few days a month — but your period is only a small part of an intricate process in your body.
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Jimmy Kimmel returns to TV with a health update on baby Billy
The late night host captured America’s attention last week with stunning news about his new baby, who required open heart surgery.
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Chris Pratt uses ASL to apologize to hearing-impaired fans for ‘insensitive’ joke
The actor made an off-the-cuff joke in a video that some fans felt was insensitive to those with hearing disabilities.
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Join TODAY’s Summer Shape-Up Challenge!
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Could a 25-pound blanket help you sleep better?
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Aunt Jemima pancakes, waffles and French toast recalled
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