Afternoon Alert: Wheaton sanctuary for veterans celebrates 10th anniversary

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Wheaton sanctuary for veterans celebrates 10th anniversary

Bob "Doc" Adams struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in Vietnam. After getting sober and writing an autobiographical play about his experience, the Chicago native co-founded the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans in Wheaton. Full Story

Nicor tells Elgin residents their oak trees are safe, for now

A group of Elgin residents who’ve been fighting to save their century-old oak trees are relieved Nicor has decided, for now, to preseve the trees. Full Story

Harper College pitches Obama to be graduation speaker

Harper College is trying to lure former President Barack Obama to be the school’s commencement speaker next year on the occasion of the Palatine-based community college’s 50th anniversary. And at least so far, Obama hasn’t said no to the invitation. Full Story

Judge says Longmeadow Parkway construction can proceed

Construction will restart on Kane County’s Longmeadow Parkway project following a judge’s ruling Friday. Full Story

Six seriously injured in head-on Beach Park crash late Friday

Six people were seriously injured late Friday in a head-on crash in Beach Park. Full Story

Naperville police recover handgun, arrest two after parking lot dispute

Naperville police said two men are in custody after an argument that took place Friday in a parking lot and involved a handgun that was later recovered by police. Full Story

Lake County sheriff’s deputies honored for valor

Two Lake County sheriff’s deputies on Friday received the Valor Award from the 100 Club of Chicago for their actions last spring in the apprehension of a fugitive in Antioch. Full Story

Editorial on I-88 murder: Campaign against road rage

In this editorial, the Daily Herald reflects on the shooting death of a truck driver on the I-88 Reagan Tollway to call for a campaign to combat road rage. Full Story

Why the deaths of Isaac and Teresa Vatkin touch all of us

Columnist Jim Davis: Story of couple married 69 years who died holding hands strikes a chord with all of us. Full Story

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