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Fittest Loser

Fittest Loser contestants get support from family, friends

A front-line infantryman isn’t worth much without a support network. And a military vet trying to shed pounds in the Fittest Loser Challenge needs similar support to keep going.

Fittest Loser

At Work teams head to the final weigh-in

With 10 weeks now gone since the start of this challenge, the At Work teams will be weighing in this week for their final numbers.


Fittest Loser

Freeing the ring but insulting the knee

The Fittest Loser correspondent finds evidence that his general level of body fat may be shrinking.

Health & Fitness

Memory training can create new pathways in the brain

Q: My memory is terrible. To be honest, it always has been. I seem to spend half my time searching for my keys or wondering whether I forgot to turn off the stove and lights. Could memory training help?


Health & Fitness

Your health: What to do about bunions

Bunions develop for several reasons. If you have a bunion, there are steps you can take to prevent them from getting worse.

Health & Fitness

Research studies effect of vitamin C on cancer cells

Some medical research has shown vitamin C may suppress cancer stem cell activity.

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